Visiting a new place largely translates to visiting the myriad aspects of its history; explore its monuments;
hear fascinating stories of its glorious past; and experience its vibrant culture, which typically has evolved over the centuries.

Explore the rich heritage, culture and diversity of India through her glorious monuments and heritage sites.
The Augtraveler experience offers the most authentic historical tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.
The content is curated from the archives of renowned institutions and professionals from the domain.
Cultural Trails
Augtraveler's trails are designed and conducted by our partners who are renowned experts in their own right.
Our 'events' generate curiosity for the lesser known, appreciation for the the unfamiliar, nostalgia for the outgoing
We aspire to bring forth the tangible and intangible culture and rich heritage of our cities, and celebrate india's rich cultural diversity

Why Augtraveler?

  • To explore the monuments and heritage sites of India

  • Cultural trails to explore the rich diversity of cities

  • Augmented Reality based multimedia tours in neutral accents for a global audience

  • Travel back in time and hear fascinating stories

  • Comprehensive and accurate historical data curated from the archives of renowned organizations and institutions

  • Take your pictures with realistic models of monuments, in ‘mixed reality’ and share with your friends
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