Ever wondered that visiting a new place largely translates to visiting the myriad aspects of its history; explore its monuments; hear fascinating stories of its glorious past; and experience its vibrant culture, which typically has evolved over the centuries.

Explore the rich heritage, culture and diversity of India through its glorious monuments. The experience builds on offering a curated historical tour, curated from the archives of ‘Archaeological Survey of India’ with liberal sprinkling of ‘augmented features’ to interact with the interesting artefacts of monuments. You can build full scale monuments in ‘Mixed Reality’, get more information about artefacts using ‘geo codes and image recognition technology.’

Why should I use this app?

  • Explore the top UNESCO World Heritage sites in India

  • Intelligent Itinerary builder

  • Audio tours in neutral accents for a global audience

  • Travel back in time and hear fascinating stories

  • Comprehensive and accurate historical data curated from the archives of ‘Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)’

  • Take your pictures with realistic models of monuments, in ‘Mixed Reality’ and share with your friends

Get Hands On To Experience History Like Never Before.

Use your mobile device to travel back in time; listen to fascinating stories; explore artifacts; build your own
monuments; and more!


Curating authenticated content from the archives of

‘Archaeological Survey of India’


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